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Monday, April 30, 2012

FGS Interview: You Gon' Love Ondre Pipkins

Obligatory "Goin' To Work" Caption
FGS got the opportunity to chat with one of our favorite recruits for the 2012 class, Ondre Pipkins. We talked about football, but also about the young man as a scholar and what he likes to do for fun. Without further ado, here's the best from our conversation with the man they call PeeWee:

FGS: So what are you working on this summer, in terms of personal workouts before being able to practice with the team, in order to get ready for the 'Bama game?

PeeWee: Well, you've got to stay light on your feet, especially if you're in the middle [of the line], and with the type of defense that Coach Mattison runs, you never know what you might be playing. You might be playing nose guard one day, and then the next day you could be playing 3-tech or 5-tech, so I'm working on footwork right now, speed getting off the ball, and eating right to maintain my diet and trim up some weight, 'cause I was overweight at the Army Bowl [laughs]

Poll Results: Michigan's Most Important Remaining Target in 2013

Just because i'm going to miss Junior.....
LaQuon Treadwell, WR (6'3", 190)- 96 Votes, 51%
Mr. Treadwell was overwhelmingly deemed the most important remaining target in the Class of 2013. Treadwell is a tall, athletic receiver that can help Michigan's passing game in numerous facets. He displays the ability to stretch the field with his speed, but he also displays great athleticism in running his short/intermediate routes over the middle of the field. Michigan is in need of a 'go to' receiver as they transition back to a Pro-Style offense, and Treadwell exhibits a wealth of potential. Treadwell has offers from 'everyone' in the country, and he seems like he his really enjoying the recruiting process. Once considered a decently heavy Michigan lean, we still feel like Michigan has a great shot, but this could drag out until after Treadwell has taken all of his visits.

Trey Burke

A special season awaits on the hardwood next year. Overwhelming excitement in Ann Arbor. Pride is finally restored at Crisler... for good!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

2013 NFL Draft Preview

The Stock of Future Wolverine Prospects

First and foremost, we all want to personally congratulate DT Mike Martin (Rd. 3, No. 83 OVR), C David Molk (Rd. 7, No. 226 OVR), & WR Junior Hemingway (Rd. 7, No. 238 OVR) for being selected in the 2012 NFL Draft! 

Additionally, as the weekend concludes, news has been trickling in about undrafted free agents. Of note, several Michigan players have indeed reached contractual agreements to sign with numerous NFL franchises. Congratulations DE Ryan Van Bergen (Carolina), DB Troy Woolfolk (Dallas), RB Michael Shaw (Washington), and LB Brandon Herron (Tampa Bay) for receiving the opportunity! Also, we wish TE Kevin Koger a speedy recovery after suffering an Achilles tendon injury.  Most analysts pegged Koger as a late-round pick, and we’re hopeful that he will be added to this list shortly as an undrafted signee.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Reasoning the Rest Pt.2 (Class of 2012)

This just makes me happy....
Onto the rankings......
These players all have the potential to play at a high level, or else they would not have a full-ride scholarship to play at The University of Michigan. But through discussions, film, and myriad other recruitnik's analyses, the remaining players in the class all exhibit some sort of question mark that prevented us from giving them a higher ranking. 

Jeremy Clark (79) is a very intriguing prospect, and we actually felt like we could have rated him even higher if we had more available film. Our best player comparison for Clark would probably be a taller Jarrod Wilson, to be honest. I hate to use the term 'Center-Fielder' again, but Clark's film looks a lot like Jarrod Wilson's in the way that they make breaks on the ball when it is in the air. Clark does a good job of tracking the ball, while still maintaining great awareness (had 4 touchdowns on INT returns last season). For someone as lanky as himself, he is also not afraid to come up to make a hit. We actually decided to list Clark as an ATH, because we feel like his skill-set would also translate extremely well to WR, and  we would not be surprised to see that position switch when he arrives on campus. At 6'4", with decent speed  and physicality, Clark could be a big target in the passing game. 

Reasoning the Rest Pt. 1 (Class of 2012)

Evidently, Ferdgodsakes Joe's writing style did not resonate well with many members of the Michigan Football community... In light of the MGoMob calling for his head, I've decided to take the liberty in reasoning the rest of our rankings for the 2012 class... 

We do still hold an extremely high opinion of Ben Braden, Devin Funchess, Dennis Norfleet, Matt Godin, and Willie Henry. We are not guaranteeing that these players end up as All-Americans and on the Cover of NCAA '16, but we think they will outplay their recruiting rankings from the other websites....


Fergodsakes Sean's 21st is tonight... So GO BLUE and happy birthday to a big Michigan fan, a great student, and a good guy....

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Reasoning our Recruiting Rankings (Class of 2012)


First of all, calm down and stop shouting.

Secondly, keep in mind that recruit rankings is as inexact a science as they come. Sure, the consensus five-star guys generally end up in the NFL and overwhelmingly the low three- and two-star guys end up...well... not in the NFL. But all those guys in between? They're usually up for grabs. Scout, Rivals, ESPN, and 24/7 are generally considered the National Recruiting High Council, and even their rankings show a tremendous amount of disparity.

Friday, April 20, 2012


Try not to get excited after watching this video....

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Jesse Williams Problem

After a Spring Football season that yielded some unexpected results, Michigan’s eyes are now on ‘Jerryworld,’ where they will face the Alabama Crimson Tide. The Tide’s dominance is no secret, but they also have to replace a number of superstars on the defensive side of the ball, which may not be too difficult since they seem to have a stockpile of 4/5 Stars at every position. One of Michigan’s greatest areas of concern heading into the fall is the interior OL. Ricky Barnum, a 5th Year Senior seems to have taken well to his switch to C, but the LG spot seems wide open.
The candidates:
Joey Burzynski, 6-1 284, RS Soph
Elliot Mealer, 6-5 310, RS Senior
Kyle Kalis, 6-5 305, Freshman
Between these three players, Michigan should be able to come up with a viable option at LG, but each player also has their own respective question mark. How can a short, light walk-on be a good sign for our offense? Why hasn’t a 5th year senior been able to really make his mark? Will a true freshman be mentally prepared to play football on the big stage?  These are the questions coaches will need to ask while preparing for the Tide and the nightmare that anchors their defense…. 6’4”, 320lb behemoth NT, Jesse Williams
Williams is a JUCO transfer that originally hails from Australia. He is supposedly Bama's strongest guy in the weight room, and it really shows on the field as
well. Williams is very quick off the snap and has impressive speed for someone his size. Williams is extremely versatile and actually played a 5 tech DE (Craig Roh's position, for reference...uh oh) in Bama's 3-4 last year when Josh Chapman lined up at NT. On passing downs, he moved inside when Alabama employed a 4 man front.

In the Trenches with Kenton Gibbs

First of all, Gibbs is a straight shooter. Fresh off of a Div-1 State Championship over perennial power, Detroit Catholic Central, the defensive tackle seems hungry to go to work for his senior year. Kenton seems to get lost in the shuffle in recruiting discussions, but we feel that he is only at the cusp of reaching his potential.
Here’s what he had to say:

Why Devin Funchess Might Be The Most Important Player In The 2012 Class


After spring practices, it's evident that the WR position is one of Michigan's weakest positions. Roy Roundtree and Jeremy Gallon have stepped up, but Michigan is still looking for a 3rd WR, specifically someone who poses a deep threat. Yeah, Dileo, JRob, and Jeremy Jackson might see time, but we've yet to see any consistent production from any of them.

Incoming TE/WR Devin Funchess might just be what Coach Borges is looking for. His 6'5", 225 lb frame and great vertical ability presents a match up nightmare for smaller DBs (See right for evidence). He is great at going up over defenders and has exceptional hands, although he does need to work on his blocking. While Amara Darboh and Jehu Chesson, the other two incoming WRs, have great potential, both will require some time to develop in order to produce on the field.

Why Dennis Norfleet will exceed your expectations

The Dennis Norfleet in its natural habitat, leaving defenders in the dust...

Many Michigan fans in the recruiting world were pleasantly surprised when all-purpose running back Dennis Norfleet (Detroit Martin Luther King) switched his commitment from Cincinnati to Michigan the night before National Signing Day. However, many people may be underestimating the immediate impact that he can have on the offense, in addition to the key role he will likely have on special teams. Here is why I think Dennis could surprise some people when he suits up for the Maize and Blue this fall:

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Michigan's Most Memorable: Penn State '05

There are some moments in Michigan Football history that never seem to fade away. You don't just recognize the plays and anticipate the endings...it's much deeper than that. You feel the uneasiness in your joints and the nervousness in your throat, as if you aren't sure what's going to happen. 

Seeing plays like this remind you of the emotional investment in your fandom. These plays foster a sense of community and a sense of belonging, and we reminisce like we all went through it together. And to me, that is the beauty of these moments... The plays on their own are amazing, but the collective memories of every single fan make them last forever...

Position Battle: Frank Clark v Brennen Beyer

Michigan D-Coordinator, Greg Mattison, faces the task of replacing three starters on a D-Line that played an integral role in the resurgence of Michigan’s Defense. Senior DE Craig Roh has been somewhat of a fixture on the D-Line, but with his move over to the Strong-side, (RVB’s spot) two Sophomores will compete throughout the fall to become the starting Weak-side End.

Brennen Beyer, Soph. 6’3”, 225 (250?)

Strengths: Motor, Consistency, Coordination
Weaknesses: Size, Strength, Experience, Burst, Shedding Blocks
Fergodsakes Projection: We fully expect that Beyer will weigh 245lbs+ by the fall, but that is still small for a B1G Defensive End. Beyer’s limited experience at SAM LB in 2011 displays his athleticism, and he will have to use great technique and high effort to beat B1G OL. Beyer looks much “thicker” than last year, but he will still have to rely on his motor and smarts to thrive in one on one matchups with TE’s, tackles, and pulling guards.
-33 Total Tackles, 2 Sacks, 7.5 TFL