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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Brady Hoke Can't Recruit Skill Positions

I know that almost every single Michigan Football fan has been absolutely ecstatic with Hoke and Co.'s recruiting efforts thus far. After Richard was escorted out of town, he left us a roster without any semblance of depth in the trenches. In every one of Hoke's complete recruiting classes (2012 and on), Michigan has added HS All-American after HS All-American in order to help Michigan control the line of scrimmage in the future. After signing four OL and six DL in 2012, including 5-Stars Kyle Kalis and Ondre Pipkins, Hoke proceeded to add 6 more OL and 3 more DL in 2013. With seemingly indisputable success on the recruiting trail, many naysayers and rival fans began grasping at straws and out of some form of insecurity/idiocy/crystal meth addiction, the perception that Hoke couldn't attract premier skill position players was born. Sane Michigan fans insisted that although Michigan did not seem to have groundbreaking success at the skill positions, Hoke and Co. were still adding versatile skill players on both sides of the ball. These suggestions were sometimes then responded with "LOL IS HOKE GONNA LINE UP HIS 23 OL AT WR AND RB AND TE AND CB AND S TOO?!, LOL."

I guess the point of this post is to demonstrate that, no, toothless Ohio State fan, Al Borges will not be handing the ball off to David Dawson this season. And, no swagtastic MSU bro, Greg Mattison will not be lining up Henry Poggi against the self proclaimed 'Wide Receiver U's' next superstar....However, if you really are curious and you'd like to read this post, you may be able to realize the amazing level of talent that Hoke has been able to attract to all of the skill positions.

ANDDDD, since I know 'STAR RANKINGS DON'T MATTER' (especially when you only get 2/3 stars), I will include the prospects Top Offers as a justification for how good they could be....