Thursday, April 19, 2012

In the Trenches with Kenton Gibbs

First of all, Gibbs is a straight shooter. Fresh off of a Div-1 State Championship over perennial power, Detroit Catholic Central, the defensive tackle seems hungry to go to work for his senior year. Kenton seems to get lost in the shuffle in recruiting discussions, but we feel that he is only at the cusp of reaching his potential.
Here’s what he had to say:

Fergodsakes: “What do you want fans to know about you if they haven’t seen your film? Why are they going to be fans of you?”
Gibbs: “I want the fans to know I play sideline to sideline. People should be a fan of mine because I make the most out of every rep and every play.”

We asked Kenton a few questions about Cass and playing on a team with so many Division 1 prospects, but based on his responses, he seems determined to get better instead of getting caught up in the hype surrounding his school.

Fergodsakes: “How bad do you beat up on David Dawson? What’s life like at Cass? After a State championship, what are you guys trying to do this year?”
Gibbs: “I’m glad someone realizes I beat Dave on the regular. Life at Cass is cool… Winning a state championship was great, but winning two is better, and I love lifting weights and watching film.”

Fergodsakes: “What schools have come at you the hardest?
Gibbs: “Illinois and Toledo are pursuing me the hardest." 
He also stated that “A business school, the D-Line coach, and a chance to play” are what he’s looking for the most in a school.

Fergodsakes: “What are your feelings on MSU?”
Gibbs: “I like MSU and MSU likes me, so they aren’t out of the picture.”

Fergodsakes: “So when it comes down to it, who has the edge in your recruitment? UofM or MSU?”
Gibbs: “I always loved UofM since I was 4 and 5, watching them on ABC, but the fact that I’m a back up plan for them lost them points, so they’re even now.”

After talking with Kenton, we took a hard look at his film. He truly does seem to go 100% on every rep, and as Michigan fans, we are well aware how ‘taking plays off’ affects a D-Lineman’s potential. Kenton’s recent outing at the Adidas combine reveals his quickness, hustle, and good use of hands. He cruised to the dummy with various moves in 1v1's, oftentimes making the OL look like sad, defeated third graders. He is a well put together 6'2", 290, and more importantly, he may not be a "back-up plan"for much longer.

I will say it here, and I will probably say it again…Kenton Gibbs is not a kid that you want to see on another B1G roster. Michigan may have some more bona fide prospects on their board at this time, and nobody knows how things will shake out, but he has something valuable that seems to get lost in the OMG CELEBRITY HYPE of recruiting in 2012… and that’s an attitude and a willingness to work.... we think Gibbs gets 'it.'


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