Saturday, January 26, 2013

Victory Screech: Derrick Green Commits

Derrick Green: Michigan Wolverine.
All the other (better) sites have the information you want/we don't have time to provide, but we just wanted to join the celebration frenzy. VICTORY SCREECH.

Summarizing...With Summaries:
The number 1 running back in the country (according to Rivals) has committed to the University of Michigan's 2013 class, solidifying it as one of the top groups in the nation. Green offers the potential for something this school has not seen since Mike Hart - namely, an every-down back who can consistently move the chains and grind out games (no more RB-by-committee! Huzzah!). He's a big, strong back with a low center of gravity. Several recruiting sites have cited his speed and pass-catching abilities as areas for improvement, but these should not be causes for too much concern unless they persist throughout his college career.

Fitz Toussaint has to be penciled in as Michigan's starting RB going into the 2013 season, but D-Green will have plenty of opportunities to contribute early on. Fitz was disappointing last season when healthy, and he'll be coming off a pretty gruesome leg injury. He'll get a chance to protect his spot, but personally, I think Green starts over Fitz et al by the end of the season. I'm not seeing *it* (whatever *it* may be) from Thomas Rawls, Justice Hayes seems better served as a scatback-slot type, and Drake Johnson has yet to really do anything. Truthfully, Green and fellow 2013 commit DeVeon Smith could emerge from the gaggle as the team's top-2 options at the position. Their recruiting tapes are equally impressive (in my biased, hopeful eyes), and have higher ceilings than anyone else currently on the roster.

In Which We Consider Some Other Factors As Well:
a) losing Denard Robinson (likely signaling the team's final transition to a chiefly pro-style offense)
b) Devin Gardner's ostensibly solid passing/scrambling abilities
c) a talented WR/TE group that includes Jeremy Gallon, Drew Dileo, Devin Funchess, Amara Darboh, Jehu Chesson, and potential impact freshman Jake Butt as pass-catchers
d) An offensive line that, in my humble and most probably idiotic opinion, could improve from last year's squad. Taylor Lewan returning is a huge part of that, but I also was not a fan of either Elliott Mealer or Ricky Barnum on the interior. I think Jack Miller will be a step up at center, Kyle Kalis will fulfill his destiny as the ManBall Guard of the Future, and Chris Bryant's mountainous stature will solidify the unit. Also, wouldn't mind moving Schofield to the inside and letting Ben Braden have a shot at right tackle. 'Twould be an intriguing move. But, I digress.

With all the above in mind, the stars seem aligned for Derrick Green to be a bigtime playmaker at the University of Michigan, hopefully/possibly as soon as this coming Fall. Of course, it's important to temper expectations, so as to prevent heartbreaks and disappointments. *wistfully looks at Rivals pages of Kevin Grady, Sam McGuffie, Will Campbell, and Demar Dorsey* *single tear*
Still, Wolverine fans have plenty to be excited about with this commitment. Here's to Green going Blue, gents and gentettes. Let us rejoice and be guardedly enthused.


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