Thursday, July 12, 2012

Recruiting: Michigan's Summer Camp Risers/Fallers

Well, we haven't written anything in the past few weeks due to a bunch of other obligations, but in the Michigan recruiting world, much has happened. Some of the largest and most 'prestigious' summer camps/combines have recently taken place (Rivals100 Challenge and The Opening) in addition to various 7 v 7 tournaments and other events. With some very 'mixed' reviews between the main recruiting websites, we decided to give our opinion of Michigan's biggest Risers/Fallers. This analysis really isn't radical or groundbreaking, but with so many polarized reports, here's what we think....

Both Jake Butt and Jourdan Lewis received 'All Tournament' Awards at The Opening
  • Jake Butt, TE- Butt made his first splash on the camp circuit this summer with his performance at the Illinois NFTC which earned him an invite to The Opening in Oregon. Butt also turned in a wonderful performance at The Opening and proved to be Tyrone Swoopes's (5* TX Commit) most reliable targets. Butt measured in at 6'6" and 231Lbs, and was still able to gain consistent separation from some of the nation's top defenders. Michigan has not seen a TE prospect with Butt's size and receiving capabilities in a long time.
  • Jourdan Lewis, CB- Lewis has proved at every single camp he's attended that he is an exceptional talent at the CB position. If you watch any of his film from this summer's camps, he is unbelievably fluid in his backpedal and can easily turn and run with receivers. His fluidity also allows him to make outstanding breaks on the ball (See INT's at The Opening), and he has great make-up speed if he is ever beaten. Lewis also officially measured in at 5'10" and 159lbs. While skinny, doubts about his height seem unwarranted. 5'10" really is not that small. Blake Countess did okay this year....(-_-)
  • David Dawson, OG- Dawson has demonstrated at numerous camps this summer that he means business when he steps onto a field. He is an extremely aggressive prospect that has been lauded for a powerful punch of the line. Sometimes his aggressive nature seems to get the best of him if he lunges at speedier prospects. However, in pads, on an actual football field, there isn't the isolated 1v1 against speed rushers on the inside, and I think Dawson will be an absolute mauler. Dawson measured in at 6'3.5" and 282lbs, so he is a little smaller than expected, but his camp performances should still warrant a sizable move in the rankings. 
  • Taco Charlton, DE- I could not care less what Mike Farrell says about Taco's diminishing stock for a few reasons. 1. Where was his stock ever that high? I never thought any of the sites gave him his due. For an analyst that talks all the time about how important length and athleticism are at DE, Taco seems to be the exception for him. 2. Charlton absolutely cruised past offensive linemen at the LA NFTC and supposedly won a fair share of reps at The Opening. Additionally, measuring in at 6'6" 249lbs, Charlton has absolutely ridiculous athleticism and tools that will make him an absolute terror under our THREE DL coaches. The fact that Charlton dominated previous camps this summer and is actually a legitimate 6'6" 250lbs just screams a rise in rankings, but who knows.
  • Csont'e York, WR- He will never get huge recognition from the recruiting sites, but York has been an extremely dependable receiver at 7 v 7's throughout the summer. At 6'3", York is tall, lanky target for Shane Morris, but he has outstanding body control and makes spectacular catches in the air. Like I said, don't expect York to actually see a real rise in his rankings, but he is a Riser in my book and should not be looked down upon due to his quiet recruitment. 
  • *****LaQuon Treadwell, WR- Obviously not a Michigan commitment (yet, hopefully), but Treadwell was said to have dominated The Opening with an extremely balanced game. He displayed solid speed, great hands, and the ability to go up and get the ball while making acrobatic catches. He easily made the most noise at WR at The Opening and was also lauded for solid play at the Rivals 100 Challenge. I expect that Treadwell will be in consideration for 5* status on Rivals, at least.
- Additionally, Shane Morris has proven yet again that he has all the major tools to be an elite college QB. I didn't include him in the 'Risers' section because he is already  extremely highly rated, and I think he is a high 4-Star type of prospect. He could obviously get the 5-Star accolade, but that changes absolutely nothing about his ability as a prospect.


  • Chris Fox, OT- This is not to say that Chris Fox is not still an outstanding Tackle prospect, but he did not seem to live up to his #4 overall OT rating (Rivals) at the Rivals 100 Challenge. He seemed a little slow when battling elite speed rushers, but these guys really made everyone seem slow at times (Carl Lawson especially). Fox, however, was noticed for his mammoth size 6'6" 300+lbs, and was mentioned as one of the strongest prospects in attendance. Fox was also mentioned for having good footwork in drills. Obviously 1v1's are not favorable for OL in these camp settings, but Fox's inability to dominate may lead some to question his very high ranking.
  • Logan Tuley-Tillman, OT- Tuley-Tillman has displayed his desire to compete in almost any setting, and I commend him for that. However, the amount of 'bad-weight' that he carries should probably negatively affect his lofty ranking. After participating with a shoulder-injury at an NFTC, Tuley-Tillman bounced back with a solid SMSB performance, but he still will have a lot of work to do to transform his body. With his height and frame, he has all the tools to be an elite Tackle, but he is very much a 'project' and will need a few years in college before we see his real potential. His camp performances overall seemed underwhelming for a highly regarded recruit, and he probably did not live up to the hype. Tuley-Tillman was lauded for his play on team USA in the World Championships recently, and it is nice to see that in a game, with pads on, he has excelled the most. It's great to hear when commits play well in real games, since that is what football actually is.... However, either way I would still expect a fall in his rankings.
Notes on Other Commits
Mike McCray being famous at The Opening
  • Mike McCray, LB- Some people expect a fall in his rankings due to questions about his size, but people are acting like he came in and measured in at 5'10" 190lbs. In the absolute worst case scenario, McCray is around 6'1" 225lbs, which is not small at all for a rising senior LB Prospect. I still think McCray is taller than 6'1", and ESPN's Opening Roster, which features updated heights and weights for many of the prospects still lists McCray at 6'3" 225. Jake Butt also mentioned how McCray looked like a Defensive End out there. That should say something about questions of his size. In either instance, McCray's rankings may fall, but that is just dumb. Watch his film and you will see a kid with great athleticism, range, and a knack for putting his hat on the ball. I don't care if he ends up as a 2-Star. He is a gamer.
  • Dymonte Thomas, DB/Beast- Due to his baseball commitments in the Spring and decision to not attend football camps, it seems as if Thomas has sort of been 'lost in the shuffle' in the minds of many Michigan fans. He really is an absolutely amazing talent, and I really think he will be one of the most important players in this class in years to come. He is a fast, physical, and versatile prospect that has reportedly added 15lbs before this season. For whatever reason (possible his early commitment), he continues to 'slide' in rankings (other than Scout, where he is a 5-Star), but do not let recruiting rankings take away from his importance to this class. 
  • Kyle Bosch, OT- Bosch was unable to participate in much of The Opening due to illness, but he officially measured in at 6'5" 311Lbs. He does not look like he is carrying much bad weight, and he seems extremely disinterested in recruiting rankings (good for him). Bosch will probably not see a huge change in his rankings, but I just wanted to point out how BIG he is. 


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