Friday, June 8, 2012

Owning Ohio: Ranks 2013 Prospects, a subsidiary, has finished releasing its positional rankings of Ohio's Class of 2013 prospects... 8 out of 8 Michigan verbal commits from Ohio rank in the top three at their respective positions. Needless to say, it is extremely apparent that Hoke and Co. are putting an enormous focus on recruiting the Buckeye state, and we are securing both quality and quantity with their effort.

6'6", 250lb DE, Taco Charlton 
Take a look at the Top 3 players in Ohio by position according to the guys at OhioPreps

1. Mike McCray (UofM)
2. Ben Gedeon (UofM)
3. Shane Jones (MSU)
Mike McCray
1. Dymonte Thomas (UofM)
2. Jayme Thompson (OSU)
3. Marcus McWilson (NEB)
1. Cameron Burrows (OSU)
2. Ross Douglas (PSU)
3. Gareon Conley (UofM)

Defensive End
1. Taco Charlton (UofM)
2. Jarrod Clements (ILL)
3. Jacob Matuska (ND)
Another Taco pic because he's a behemoth man-child beast 
Wide Receiver
1. Shelton Gibson
2. Rob Wheelwright (WISC)
3. Jaron Dukes (UofM)
Running Back 
1. DeVeon Smith (UofM)
2. Aregeros Turner 
3. Chris Davis 

Tight End
1. Jake Butt (UofM)

We have the #1 player in Ohio at FIVE positions...(RB, TE, S, DE, and LB)....
As much as most of us hate the state, you cannot deny that Ohio has outstanding high school football talent.. If we can consistently recruit players that are Top 3 at their position in the state, we are going in the right direction....


  1. Who cares about state borders? It's about bringing in kids who are going to make the program better. It doesn't matter if they're from Ohio, Oklahoma, or Oregon.

  2. I think the state of Ohio has a lot I significance because of the magnitude of the rivalry. A prospect in Oklahoma, for example, may be raised with an affinity for the sooners but they aren't taught to despise Michigan.. We are getting kids from Ohio.. Preventing life long fans, legacies, etc from going to our biggest rivals.. It's a double win.. We get great prospects from a great football state, and secondly, OSU doesn't get them

  3. For shame, you mean Ohio doesn't get them.